Mother of mine,

Mother of Mine :- For a child it is very very important for every parent to be independently earning or at least both being very educated to earn a living in life if needed .. I don’t mean to say a woman can’t be a housewife and look after her children but she should be educated and capable enough to go out and earn money by herself for a better life for her and her kids if needed .

My father passed away suddenly having a heart attack when he had gone to fix my marriage with Tushar .. he was not feeling well on the way back and passed away ..he couldn’t even reach home . Our family was devastated was broken, shattered .. My Mom was just 42..she then took charge of everything as she was working independent women .. she stood up for us and my brother educated both of us..He is a well-known skin specialist and me a Computer Engineer .. She never asked anyone for a single penny in life .. She is a self-respecting woman and has stood strong to all her battles, even fighting cancer .. completing her Ph.D .. Now she is retired but she always taught us the value of education and being independent .. Thank u Mom for everything and a very very  Happy Womens Day to all the moms in this world.


Be Educated Independent and Successful in Life.

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