Our deepest connection with mother nature and earth is the Soil. All through my childhood I have grown up in bright sunlight,playing in the sand, mud ,rainy puddles. You will find it revolting but I have also gone behind cows to pick up the cow dung in buckets to then put it on ground. They call it ‘Angaan Saravne’ in Marathi to make Rangoli during Diwali .. This is still done by women in villages…


My mom never stopped me from exploring my creativity .. In the same way, all the kids today should spend their time outdoors, playing in sand ,mud ,rainy puddles with their friends and have a complete childhood full of fun. Most kids are just on laptops ,gadgets, video games and indoors, and playing in the sand or mud is a complete no no. I make it a point to encourage my children to play outdoors and get themselves cleaned after coming back home to maintain hygiene … Mothers let them explore their creativity making sandpits, castles, toys not of clay, but of Soil and Mud.

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