Wit and Will

I remember when Nitya was in 8th grade she had to choose between subjects like Computers ,Arts, Physical Education and so on.. Me and Tushar suggested that she take Art instead of other subjects .. We thought it will be less burden on her for studies and she loves Art ….Most of her class took computers as it was a scoring subject ..She came home upset thinking that it was a big mistake ,taking Arts .. We had to make her sit and understand that she doesn’t need to follow the herd, do what everyone is doing .. She can be different ..doesn’t matter if she scores less ..Then she went for it and made a pretty good score of 94 marks in Arts and total score of 95% in 10th grade boards.


 Give your child an opportunity to explore different things and let your child FLY HIGH!

One thought on “Wit and Will

  1. This post made me willingly inclined to feel loads of emotions I never knew I had. Wow. This is truly impressive. I am in awe. Nice work. I hope you could also try to follow my blog page, if you don’t mind. Cheers! 👏😊


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