3R- Recycle, Reuse, Renovate…


3R-  Recycle, Reuse, Renovate this is what Siyuli did this Summer …of course with my help. There was a budget given and proper planning was done for each day… We both called painters carpenters and told them what is to be done in next two days , gave them proper instructions. The same evening we went to the flower shop and bought 50 plants .. The only condition Siyuli had to follow was we are going to use the things we already had at home .That was a big challenge for her , she researched had lot of ideas in her mind and we discussed what could be done . Children have a very creative mind and imagination we need to give them a chance of exploring.

The things we reused were —

20 yrs old Japanese Jacket hanger Stand ,10 yr old study table for kids… 12 yrs old glass long table … 10 yr old book shelf … planks for pots were cut out from the wood remained from our earlier furniture …our old pots for planting …curtains which were not used for long time ..old bench repainted … Buying everything and putting is easy but I wanted her to learn how to value each thing . I wanted her to learn to value plants ,animals and most important human relationships. She saw how the workers worked hard for next two days and learnt to appreciate hard work too . I let her plant the new plants in old pots and told her its her garden and she has to water the plants everyday ,which she does without fail 🙂

Siyuli was full of enthusiasm, ideas, hard work and full dedication she learnt budgeting buying, saving too along with 3R…. Our rooftop terrace fully redone by Siyuli and me.

IMG_20180507_115502IMG_20180507_115445IMG_20180507_115628IMG_20180507_115737 (2)1526973038347 (1)IMG_20180507_120411IMG_20180507_120626

Creative and Imaginative minds can make the world beautiful and a better place…

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