Time To Move On…

As a Mom what should I have done ??? I did this …

This final exam Siyuli got A2 …she missed A1 by what reason you won’t be even  able to guess… It was my fault 😦

Both the girls had exams , I was waking up the elder one whole night to study and was awake most of the time to check on her whether she was studying or slept … This I had been doing on since a week … I don’t know what happened but between 6 a.m  to 8 a.m I suddenly went to sleep might be I was real tired.. I couldn’t wake up , could not hear the alarm too and Siyuli missed her Computer Practical. Suddenly at 8.30 we both got up she started crying bitterly  , I was miserable she had studied hard last night … I was feeling bad, sad , cursing myself how could I have slept off .. I just holded her in my arms she cried and cried , I pacified her in some way , told her this is life , it’s just a practical we will cover up in theory paper , It’s a lesson of learning sometimes u have to take life in stride and move on … kissed her, hugged her ,made her smile some way or other telling her only studies are not the most important thing ..life lessons also teach a lot .. We will be more careful from next time … I felt sad guilty as a mother as she got A1 in all subjects but then in total missing her practical got her A2 …still we were happy and treated ourselves .. It’s not about grades always in Life she learnt that and me too.

Whose  fault u can’t say it was, but sometimes things just happen and you cannot do anything about it … U just need to Move On…


Grades don’t matter as much as life lessons do…

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