Pottery Memoirs…

I got married and went to Japan . Those were the most amazing days I have lived and the memories have stayed with me even after a period of 20 long years .We spent few beautiful years in Japan and then came back to India . The most fascinating thing I explored there was pottery … wow it was an awesome feeling …I remember we and group of friends went in cars to Bizen village in Okayama prefecture. Bizen was surrounded by beautiful mountains and greenery .It was a small village with small small pottery shops . There were variety of different pots small ,tiny , big ,large in each and every shop. Our friends and we decided why not give a try in making our own pots. It looked simple but oh god it was so so difficult … The wheel was moving so fast and it was so hard to mould the pot and give it a shape . It was breaking again and again … we all tried making something or other …I too could finally do a small tiny pot and what thrill it gave me .

Pottery is an art. The potter uses his hands to give shape and finesse to the clay body. For some it’s a form of meditation and gives calmness to ones mind. Pottery can be divided into earthenware, porcelain and stone ware. In olden days these pots made were used to store water and food … Today also I like to store water for drinking in these pots called Matakas as it keeps the water so cool in summer , no need of storing water in fridge..

My excitement knew no boundaries when one day Siyuli’s Daddy got an electric wheel and clay for doing pottery . All my memories of that small village Bizen flooded back .  We had thought many a times of doing pottery again but as you know we all get busy with our lives and forget about the things we like to do. Siyuli had a wonderful time making pots on one Sunday with Daddy’s help. She found it hard initially but her determination was strong …she was liking the feel of clay, moulding the pot with her tiny little hands, the electric wheel was moving fast and she had to manage doing it on that … But what fun it was she did make a tiny little pot and was so excited about it , u will be able to see it in the picture… If anyone ever gets a chance to try pottery please don’t miss it … its a divine to make something with your own hands and feeling happy about it….


Explore your creativity … Running time should never stop it …Time flies fast…







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