Human Values and Money Values for kids…

As parents , me and my husband always believe we should let our kids explore the creativity which they have . Its like giving them wings to fly and try out new things.

The consequences I have to deal with are… my whole home turns into a topsy-turvy world which no one can imagine . I shudder by the thought of going into the girls room It’s like I am locked out from that room for few days as long as their work is not completed. But I feel happy that they don’t demand for new stuff but try to reuse and renovate what is there in the house. My only rule for them is I should see the room and home spik and span which they obediently do. It gives me a weird feeling when I visit other homes and they are so clean with things at their proper place not even a pillow moved here and there and my home is so messy always . But a home is I feel where things are for us and we dont live for things , so there should be freedom which children need and where can they be free the most in their own shelter itself.

Girls researched a lot on their computer then removed printouts gave it a thought what all they have to do. Both of them fight a lot but when something is to be done together its like a bond not to be broken . Our decision for having second kid was the best I feel and I do suggest many parents they should plan for a sibling for their kid . Parents do the parenting part but a kid needs a sibling to bond and share .But then its an individual thinking each one has.

The previous day one task was completed, there was lot of galore and joy ,younger one was the most excited . I sat calmly on the sofa and next two days were peaceful with the whole house clean things at their places. I said a big Thank God  and hugged them both .

Few days passed I was taking a nap in the afternoon I don’t even know what came into the minds of these two mischievous girls . I was knocking on their room door now what you guys are up to  ????  They were shouting wait mamma, wait mamma it’s a surprise, it’s a surprise . I had to hold my breath again and cool myself down and keep my patience too. I was just shouting and telling them from other side, u better clean the room after u guys are done. Answer was we will we will u don’t need to worry .

After few hrs when I called them to eat ,the magical door opened and I was like OH MY GOD , my eyes popped out ,what is all this I started screaming … U can imagine how paranoid I must have got… They were like calm down mamma we will clean it once its done .You can see how I go through this repeated cycles of loosing my nerves and then again calming myself . They had gone down to the painters shop , I forgot to tell you my elder one is 15 yrs and younger one is 10 yrs old , so the elder one takes good care of her little sister , as the story continues they collected a little bit of pocket-money they had . I don’t give them much money to keep frankly and whatever they get is locked in their piggy banks and keys are with me 🙂 I am a strict mom in many senses.

With that money they bought some brushes colours and masks to put, to paint their book rack …  Can u even believe what goes in my home ??? … there were newspapers spread on the floor the  rack was placed properly on it and both madams were doing the colouring of the rack . The idea behind it  was to renovate and reuse again with new colours and the books will also have a new home to stay …  Woww what an imagination kids have . The whole thing was done and the girls cleaned the whole room without anyones help . I make sure they do their work on their own and not push it on the maids to do .They treat all my maids with at most care and respect ,these are small things which have to be taught to the kids since childhood … The whole room was new with younger one jumping with joy and elder one hugging her …I couldn’t help myself so I went and squeezed them tightly by saying how proud I was of them .




Teach Children the value of money , respecting elders and valuing other human beings…

One thought on “Human Values and Money Values for kids…

  1. Your experience of your creative kids is worth sharing. I liked the small things about values and bonding of siblings. A well shared and we’ll written piece


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